” if we have the belief that we can do it, we shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if we may not have it on the beginning .” That’s why we have started our journey from 1st August 2020 , hoping that people will help us to make a better online platform for emerging artists. The main idea to make this website is to showcase artists, their thoughts, and artworks across the globe.  Welcomes each and everyone to get connected with us, we are always here to help you. Through our website, we are trying to organize exhibitions, workshops, art tours, seminars and create intersections between artists from different parts of the globe. Starting, from July 2020, we always made efforts to encourage emerging artists in every situation. Within a year we have organised five(5) exhibitions(online), one(1) collaborative art project (offline), one(1) watercolor workshop(offline), and conversations with many artists (ongoing). We will try to organize at least one exhibition per month, where artists will have an opportunity to show their works. You can also be a member of our motile art family and display your artwork on our website, to do this, you just have to contact us by mail or call. See our booking page for details. Thanking you


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