Online Exhibitions

An art exhibition helps bring that hidden essence and emotion before the people that admire and understand it.

Public Art


A workshop, on the other hand, is where you learn a particular artist’s methods. The artist teaching a workshop assumes you come already knowing how to handle your medium. Sometimes, a workshop is designated as being for the intermediate or advanced artist whereas classes are more likely to be geared for the beginner.

Virtual Gallery

virtual art gallery is more than just a website featuring images of artists’ work. It’s a fully interactive experience which, as you’d expect, can take many different forms. … It aims to challenge the notion of the ‘authorized image’ and where the boundaries of an art collection end. It allows viewers and artists to compare works that would be impossible to gather together in the physical world.

Art galleries exhibit works by artists known by the general public, drive the career of young contemporary artists or recover the name of those artist whom, despite the quality of their work, for historical reasons have been relegated to the background.

Permanent Exhibitions

Currently not Available


“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso