Upload your two Art works/Photography images ( Image should be 300dpi, file size less than 2mb)

    *Please read The "Rule and Regulations" carefully before tick on checkbox.
    *After Submit this form you will receive Step 2 link for Payment and the booking will be confirmed after payment.

    I accept that I have read and understood the Rules and Regulations of the Organizers of Motile and I agree with them

    ***Virtual Gallery Rules & Regulation


    1. The Galleries of the Motile, Kolkata can be booked by Artist/Group of Artists (Not exceeding fifteen artists in group) For booking go to our website’s booking page fill up all the primary particulars perfectly.
    2. Galleries shall be booked on your choice , tell us how many days you want to show your works on our website.
    3. Book our galleries in advance at least 15 days from the scheduled date for your respective exhibitions.
    4. All requests for booking of galleries must be made presorbided Application Form of Motile.
    5. Applicants must fill up the application form with bio-data and paste a recent self photograph (passport size) for solo show. For group shows bio data of applicant with recent self photo of passport size, two images of art works, and applicant ID prof  should be uploaded in Step 1 Link.
    6. After submitting particulars to our booking page we will inform you next step to showcase your works.
    7. You have to fill up application for each activity .
    8. Each Gallery allotted shall be provided with poster, banner, massages, catalogs, quick supports, website development etc. All are include with booking charges.
    9. Payment of booking Charge shall be done through phone pay / google pay/ Bank Transfer. Link of step 2 Will be Send to the applicants registered mail ID for the payment. Once payment is complete you will received a confirmation mail from Motile for booking.
    10. All Gallery allotment safely depends on the discretion of the Managing Committee in all respect.

    11. On receipt of the allotment letter, amounts mentioned (including charges for the Website Development, Design, Advertisement, Eminent Artists Interactions with Participants, Catalog etc) must be made within the specified date mentioned in mail sent by us . In case payment is not received within the specified date, the allotment made shall stand cancelled. Payment in google pay / phone pay / bank transfer.


    12. All exhibits such as Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and Graphics Prints should be 300dpi and size should be within 2mb. .
    13. one proper write-up about your work is preferable.


    14. Display or installation of objectionable exhibits in any Gallery, if found violating the ethics of the motile , will not be permitted and may force the management of the motile to cancel the exhibition.


    15. Form submitted in the Noncompliance may lead to cancellation of the Exhibition by the motile and no refunds will be admissible.
    16. The Management of the motile reserves the right to revise tariff and to cancel / reschedule allotment dates and galleries, only if inescapable. In such cases the applicant will be duly informed about alternate dates / gallery. If for any reason, the rescheduled dates / amended gallery is not suitable to the artist(s)/ exhibitors, the Motile need to be informed at least forty eight hours after receiving the allotment mail.
    17. The motile’s galleries are to be utilized only for Virtual display of visual Arts now.


    18. If the booking of a Gallery is cancelled the Motile will refund 50% of the entire Deposit .


    19. In view of the increasing demand for the virtual exhibition galleries of the Motile. It may not always be possible for the Management to allot galleries and dates strictly as per the choice of the applicants. The Management therefore reserves the right to allot galleries and dates depending upon their availability.


    20. Submission of application from by applicants will be treated as acceptance of the Rules and Regulations stipulated above.