In this digital era, art has transcended traditional boundaries, reaching audiences across the globe with unprecedented ease. Among the vanguard organizations leading this artistic revolution is MOTILE ART, a visionary platform committed to showcasing the diverse talent and creativity of artists worldwide. Building on the success of its previous editions, MOTILE ART proudly presents the 3rd International Online Art Exhibition 2023, a virtual celebration of artistic innovation and cultural exchange. This Exhibition is a testament to the power of technology in connecting artists and art enthusiasts from all corners of the world. This dynamic virtual platform allows visitors to explore a rich tapestry of artworks without the confines of physical space or geographical limitations. With just a click, attendees can access a meticulously curated online gallery, brimming with paintings, sculptures, mixed media, digital art, installations, and more.
The beauty of MOTILE ART’s exhibition lies in its inclusivity and global reach. Artists from every nation, culture, and artistic background are encouraged to submit their creations, fostering an environment of cultural diversity and artistic dialogue. This truly international gathering transcends language barriers, connecting individuals through the universal language of art.

We are very thankful and excited to have such enthusiastic artists with us . We welcome viewers to share their valuable suggestions with us for the betterment of our platform through future initiatives.

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Abhijit Paul


Abhijit Paul was born in the year of 1999 at Siliguri, West Bengal, and completed his schooling and higher studies from Siliguri. Now he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in painting from Dr. Sobha Bramha Music and Fine Art College, Kokrajhar, Assam. His painting talks about the daily life of humans through activities in our society. He chooses chicken as a metaphor of constantly being fooled by our surroundings. He was inspired by a popular connotation in Bengali “Tumi Murgi Hoecho!” Which means “you became chicken” or ” you are being fooled”. He has experimented with different mediums like Graphite, Watercolour, Acrylic, and Mixed mediums among these he has chosen Watercolour as he is comfortable with this medium and later realised that watercolor is compatible with his present practice.


Agomoni Sen


Agomoni Sen is an Academic Researcher pursuing her research in the discipline of Art History Kala Bhavana, parallelly continuing as a visual art practitioner. Informed in the discipline of painting both in her Bachelors from the College of Art and Design, University of Burdwan, and Masters plan from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan.

The journey of her art practice back since 2014 until now intends to gather the essence of experience from her immediate surroundings and mark her role in the whole scenario as an observer. Talking about the image-making process, and to be very specific the language within visuals is inbuilt surrounding the figurative and objective inter-relation and how they are intimately associated in the process of recalling or fictionalizing facts resulting in composite narrative formation; which is what she tries to reflect within her art practice. The entire journey revolves around; what she intends to do, and what is the ultimate resultant outcome in the entire process of execution reveals the artist’s constant response, reaction, and adaptation to her surrounding atmosphere and how she chooses to arrange them using different pictorial narratives which creates a dialogue to be interpreted by the spectators. Her process reflects exploring painted reality, with opaque watercolors, gouache, and acrylic mostly as her medium which makes the mode of exercising even more versatile and open-ended with wider possibilities.


Anirban Bhattacharya


Anirban Bhattacharya, born and brought up in Kolkata, have completed his graduation in Graphic Design & Applied Art from The Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta and post-graduation in Painting from the Department of Visual Arts, University of Kalyani, Nadia.
Anirban have always tried to implement art for the portrayal of his thoughts in the urge to relate past experiences with present and future. His paintings are just at the intersection of mythology and reality. One can find “Indian-ness” and spiritual aesthetics to ultimately create a sense of visual distance and depth which is easily relatable. More than realistic stimulations, invocation of mood, thoughts, feelings and emotions, ‘bhava’ -manifest his paintings. His process of painting brings him peace like meditating, while living in it. His goal is to emancipate out of canvas and paper to convey the same peace and grace to the viewer, offering a moment or pause and a sense of deep belonging.


Appalachari Chalapaka


Appalachari Chalapaka is based on kadapa dist, Andhra Pradesh. Likes traditional mediums such as Etching, Litho, woodcut, etc in printmaking, especially woodcut. The global development that he can also confront in his surroundings is his core inspiration for work. He believes that the construction of buildings is the most living example of strong culture and development. Listening to the stories about ancient buildings, temples, and forts encourages him to represent his thoughts through artwork. Pillars and Buildings touching clouds are like an indication of the tremendous scale of construction, which will be endless.


Aswin Thomas John


Aswin tries to figure out what he is terrified of, why people are so confused about so many things, how can he find happiness in this world of chaos, and most importantly,  “IS IT REAL or FAKE?”

He says,”

No piece of art has ever managed to end a war or bring about peace in our society, but I always believe that it has brought about change, and all art serves as a true documentation of that time. As I continue on my journey, I will keep telling people to never give up, that they are not alone, that everything will pass, and that they should keep moving forward. And I’ll make every effort to succeed in it.”

“I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I Sleep”

(a quotation from the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost)


Babu Perupally


A print-making artist and independent research holder from Telangana. Uses traditional methods, woodcut and etching because it feels more natural and closure to nature.

His main focus is to

highlight the forgotten culture of Lambadi clothing and bring the glory back through art. The art of clothing in traditional ways has been ignored nowadays. Lambada women use coins, shells, buttons,

cowries, and small pieces of mirror to decorate their

colorful costumes, such as skirts, and blouses. Every

ornament has its uniqueness

and great history behind it.

Art energizes him to know about this culture from its origin and explore all possible ways to represent this in the right way and carry it to future generations.


Diksha Chakraborty


Diksha Chakraborty , born in 1995 at Tripura and had her BVA on Painting from Tripura Govt. College of Art and Craft in 2017. Her practice is mostly about providing ‘importance’ to every easily ignored/abandoned minute objects / moments of daily life. This thought might erupt because of the lack of importance she has gone through in various circumstances of life and this generated a particular sense of providing importance to various less-important things around her. The emotions involved with a particular thing (This might be a moment, a piece of abandoned cloth, a space that has not been used or touched for long, etc.) helps her make the image.  In the case of technique and color application, she keeps on exploring various techniques. Mostly her works can be defined as mixed-media art.


Dr. Jasmine Kaur


Jasmine Kaur is a contemporary miniature artist. Her keen interest in the magical world of traditional painting of Kangra and Basohli, inspired her to pursue Masters with Specialization in Miniature Painting, followed by Ph.D. in the same genre.  She experiments with contemporary situations and like to juxtapose elements of the past with the present, trying to give a new dimension to the art of miniature painting. Her works have been selected and displayed in International shows in Spain and U.S.A and many works are in collection in different spaces of India.

Mosquito Net Colony: India is a country where you can see a lot of interstate migration happening. Every city has a landscape, which includes certain vacant places. Her artwork is a portrayal of one such vacant space in the city where the migrant workers temporarily make a settlement. The scenario is such that this landscape looks full of life and as a dwelling settlement at night when all the workers come back from their respective work. They open up their beddings and make temporary rooms with mosquito nets and sleep in it at night and then the next morning all is bundled up and hung in the trees nearby and all you can see is plain ground. So a part of this changing landscape is captured in this artwork where you can see a lot of night activities in an open area near a footpath and the light from the street lamp is all they rely upon. The whole painting is executed in Miniature technique and therefore you could see a lot of activities and details.


Ehab Aziz
Germany / Egypt


Ehab’s artworks are reflections of his moods and feelings over long periods. There are gloomy, optimistic, depressive, cheerful, painful, success, failure, death, and life!

His artworks no matter what they are discussing or reflecting, all contain the same strangely homogeneous mixture of humor, sarcasm, and wisdom! He is still exploring the dichotomies of popular culture through the mediums of video and painting for over 30 years. His life in Egypt and Germany during a period of continuous political and cultural change became a transformation of what it means to be from ‘the East’ is a thought that runs through much of my art practice.


Gopika satheesh

Gopika Satheesh is a mural artist from ernakulam, kerala. Completed her post-graduation from Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit university, kalady, Kerala. Her painting works are mostly about childhood memories and murals are about Hindu gods and goddesses.


Gurupriyan R S

GURUPRIYAN R S works are dependent on his observation surrounding. Changes of land, culture and civilization makes him think of an uncertain future. Urbanisation is happening everywhere in his surrounding. Delay of adopting change is been difficult in way to survive. This feeling pushes him to paint .His work is not a conclusion or comprehensive statement, it is a creative person’s attempt to find
his society and relation between him and the World. He does not want tell any kind of story through artworks but want to give a free visual experience to his audience.


Hyejeong Kwon


Hyejeong Kwon experiences a spiritual pleasant sensation by radiating the different kinds of feelings that occur during the process of living at present and desires spurted from the unconsciousness as images. Such a series of working actions can be a way of managing herself and a process of finding the true self by getting out of the distracting thoughts and fixed ideas that appeared from social action effects by expressing the oppressed emotions temporarily.

At present, the topic of the current time, or the periodic sympathy that many people feel is not unrelated to her. Among things like the society that changes rapidly, the differences between the sudden superiority and inferiority and the capability of life that manages the reality that is engaged with these, the economical measurement, shortcut to abundant life, many ideas about happiness, the difference of the value of love and relationship between people that make the cores of private life and in psychological space like a maze, where she cannot find a way to move forward. Therefore my work sometimes scatters those unarranged emotions on canvas.


Joydeep Bhattacharjee


Joydeep Bhattacharjee is currently based in Tripura working at  Government Art College. Most of his paintings are inspired by the ancient culture of art but done with a twist of contemporary situations.

As he was born and raised in a Brahmin family, he always watched practices to worship God, which lead him to create artwork inspired by the poses and structures of different Hindu idols. Here he has presented artwork that gives an open platform for viewers in a way to understand what he is presenting through his art.


Jyotirmoy Bhuyan


Jyotirmoy Bhuyan’s work reflects self-identity and tries to show how the economy has changed along with the cultural revolution, the needs of folk traditions and various elements in today’s context, and how the geographical region is emerging. So along with expressing different types of medium, his relationship with the medium and its uses and historical metaphors have highlighted the need for his past scene in a new context. So, he saw the artwork and the process of making the representation as an entity of self-reflexivity. He has focused on the representation of the physical world that people see every day which is imagery, iconic, and socially constructed representation.  Work processes and resources have been contextualized from folk elements, historical texts, film scenes, photo albums, and archives. So, at a juncture, this process comes off from the past and present experiences as the meaning of socio – culture and context of cultural re-contextualization. This series of his artwork which are depicted the concept of tradition, Identity, and the visual content of the past.


Kaveri Chauhan


Kaveri Chauhan is from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, did her BFA from College of Art, Delhi and finished MFA from Government College of Art, Chandigarh.
She likes to describe herself as an artist, who make drawings, bold and dynamic hues, symbolising the strength, resilience, and unapologetic presence of women. Through the interplay of colour, form, and composition, she aim to evoke a range of emotions, from defiance and passion to vulnerability and celebration.
Through her work she explored the vibrant world of bold colours while delving into the profound realm of feminism. She tried to show women in an open surrounding where she feels comfortable and free, without any judgement or stares. She is calm, self-satisfied, nature loving, enjoying her space. She is dynamic, depicts strength. With this positive outlook, she want to separate negative thoughts from the society on how a woman should feel.


Krzysztof Tarnowski


KRZYSZTOF TARNOWSKI tries to identify means for a thorough analysis of man and his soul through a harsh and cruel vision of reality. He want to give due importance not only to a person who is reconciled with himself, who is healthy and leads a peaceful life, but also to the most suffering, oppressed and problematic part of society. Through his works, he want to draw attention to important topics such as the difficult situation of refugees, the tragedy of war, ethnic persecution.


Lara Coutihno


Lara Coutihno is an eco-artivist born in Mozambique. She currently works as an artist and art teacher in Brussels, Belgium.
She rediscovered in Nature a way to nurture her creativity and connect with her intuition.
Her work is based on the Theory of the Dérive: starting from a specific place, the person or group that sets out to drift will follow an indefinite route, letting the urban or natural environment take them at random.
She is deeply inspired by the theme of ‘Regeneration’ and its profound connection to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through her watercolor paintings, strive to highlight the importance of Nature in our lives and advocate for its preservation. Her artworks incorporate elements such as tree branches, stones, and cork, which carefully sew together.
In a world where the pace of life often disconnects people from the natural world, she aim to remind viewers of the inherent beauty and healing power found in the environment around us. Whether it is the vast forests, the serene city parks, or even the humble grove outside our front doors, Nature offers human solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.
By utilizing local, handmade, and recycled materials in her creations, she embody as an eco-artivist, merging passions for ecology, art, and activism. With a relaxed and attentive posture akin to mindfulness, she embark on walks where the surrounding environment guides me randomly. During these drifts, she seek out elements discarded by Nature, respecting their cyclical time of regeneration.


Lokesha R


LOKESHA R The word “Transcendence” was originated from the Latin words, “Trans” meaning “beyond”
and “scandare” meaning “to climb”. It is the state of surpassing beyond the usual limits.
When a being is set to become transcendental, the soul gets aware of itself, realizes that one
is the integral part of universe and sets to let go of the materialistic needs and societal desires.
Transcendental state helps us to understand the importance of nature and it’s bonding
between flora, fauna and sapiens. It emphasizes that nature is the eternal divine which has
given all the life forms an opportunity to co-exist in order to create a viable ecosystem. Never
has been an instance where the nature tried to take advantage of its life forms, it is essential
for us, humans, to learn to live in harmony with the mother nature, by replenishing it and not

by depleting it. This thought helps him to create painting in way to express his emotions.


Meghna Dev Burman


MEGHNA DEV BURMAN is from Gujarat India, did Bachelors in Sculpture from the faculty of fine arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara where she also attained Master’s in printmaking.
Her work focuses on extinct and endangered bird species. She dream about birds flying freely & fearlessly in nature within the presence of human beings. She says,” Humans play a tremendous role in wildlife extinction. It has a large impact on our world that most people are not aware of. Due to human greediness, all species are in danger situation. Human beings used all anti-environmental things for living luxurious life. In spite of this life, people can live a healthy life through traditional cultural events and make a balance between modern life and traditional life. All beings on this earth complement each other. If we don’t concern for them now we may lose many more species. There is the fact that if something is gone will never again be around us.”


Münüre Şahin


Münüre Şahin completed her proficiency in art with a thesis titled, “Figurative Abstraction in Turkish Painting with Screen Printing Technique” at Akdeniz University, Fine Arts Institute, Art and Design Department.

In her work form and content seem to describe different concepts. With the formation of different reflections in the complex structure of the form and content, the perception that the works consist of disjointed images may arise. When we look at the different-appearing forms as a whole, we can see that there is a unity in the content. This unity consists of a mosaic of colors. The form, on the other hand, is the arrangement of mosaics, which consists of random breaks, but when they come together, they form a harmonious whole. They are the designs of expressing the feeling of fragility and fragmentation in an emotional context and conveying it to the visual.


Ndunde Bulimo


NDUNDE BULIMO works is based on different men who put on hats for different reasons. In her surrounding most men put on a hat when they start getting bald , she appreciate those who have accepted that they are bald, ignoring stigma of society shaved everything. Also she has been influenced by colour of clothing used by men. She brought up knowing that there are colors that are masculine and other colors are feminine. This has resulted to when people in her surrounding saw a man in bright colors judge them and decide their gender, simultaneously when they see a women in dark color it is accepted. She thinks this kind of discrimination should not be practiced in a modern society, so that people can wear any kind of dress by their choice without any hesitation.


Nidhi Rindani


Nidhi Rindani Kashyap is a Pune-based blacklight artist. She uses neon, a rather unique medium to handle. She finds great inspiration among people to understand various situations.
Her practice involves the idea of our constant rephrasing of the reality that surrounds us. This altercation comes from all our previous experiences and knowledge. She tend to use tangible objects as metaphors to convey her ideas, leaving room for possibilities. Her preferred choice of medium, neon, only helps her further to create multiple possibilities and an enhancing experience. The medium possesses an intrinsic quality to glow, which usually receives an awestruck reaction from the viewers. Neon has a technical complexity that inadvertently makes it a fascinating medium for visual arts. It requires a dark room and black light to reveal its essence. The complexity of the medium only makes it more exciting and challenging which drives her to push the limits.


Nirban Dey


Nirban believe that a well-executed portrait is expected to show the inner essence of the subject (from the artist’s point of view) or a flattering representation, not just a literal likeness. As Aristotle stated, “The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.”Artists may strive for photographic realism or an impressionistic similarity in depicting their subject, but this differs from a caricature which attempts to reveal character through exaggeration of physical features.


Nirmalya Singha


Nirmalya Singha Depending on light people visualize surroundings and then named everything. have we ever noticed by naming it we bound it tightly? But when our eyesight becomes weak , all of these known surroundings become unknown and mysterious by getting blurred.It is like magic. We get to know something exists but it’s hard to identify. When we fails to identify something properly, a door of new world of existence opens.
He says,” When I started my way of expressing the painting I tried to break all of those narrow boundaries where everything has a proper form and specific shapes .To see beyond I’ve started seeing everything in my surroundings in blurred formation. I avoid the separation between subject and objects and background. Selecting color, forms and gestures, I try to express my emotion towards this view. Reducing rigid colour and form I’ve portrayed only emotion and no specific incident.”


Owanka Bhattacharjee


Owanka Bhattacharjee an Art practitioner, mainly execute her work in ceramic sculpture.
Her approach to create elementary object based work was started since 2012. Slowly the pattern started changing as she feels more and more in love with the medium . Ceramic had its own character, slowly found its own essence through the process. Natural textures fascinates her to work,the purity of the clay, ups and downs, lights and shades give her visual pleasure . She enjoy playing with a lump of clay and transforming it into a new object with or without any definite reason, rather love to play with space & its rhythmic dynamism.
She just wants to reflect her understanding through three dimensional executions.


Priyanka Malhotra D


Priyanka Malhotra Through her practice the Artist tries to navigate an inner dialogue between the human mind’s journey and the dimensions of spirituality. Observing the spirals within and the outside in retrospection as it questions situations, seeks, re-examines and realises new perspectives towards its evolving self growth. The path treading around self awareness and the unfamiliar junctions crossed during this navigation. She attempts to capture those facets through a sensitive inter play of lines initiating a quiet conversation from scepticism to surrender towards spirituality. Her previous series was based on the overplay of materialistic wants and human desires. Her work is a combination of drawings in ( mixed media ) of sanguine, pen and inks and ink washes of muted and subtle Graphite pencils and drawing Inks. She has been part of select group shows in India, Taiwan and Italy with selection for participation in Florence Biennale in 2021. Apart from her practice she also takes interest as an art educator/ art contributor for a Gurgaon based NGO for the underprivileged children.


Purba Sarkar


Purba Sarkar The tree is the truth of this world that has held the nature of this world like a pillar since before the birth of human and all the worlds we know,what has been witnessed in the past,present and even in the future.Nature have created an unfathomable work of time-shifting and mystery. She believes they are not silent. They also have language,words. They are the only ones who know the language through which the other elements of nature speak to each other.

She uses different earth materials like clay, tree bark,leaves and sometimes
wool. In her painting, she tries to give a form to the language of those natural elements which could not be said in the words we know.


Sahasrangshu Saha


Sahasrangshu Saha is from Kolkata, West Bengal. As a sculptor, he is captivated by the power of facial expressions and body languages as a way for human communication, the language of emotions and the profound impact they have on human connection. With each stroke and marks, he strive to capture the essence of the human experience, revealing the depth and complexity of inner self.
Through his artworks, he try to bridge the gap between tangible and intangible, inviting viewers to embark on a visual and emotional exploration of the human condition. He strive to capture the fluidity, tension and grace of physical gestures. Each curve, twist and stance is carefully crafted to convey a story, a narrative of the human experience. The posture of a figure, the position of hands, or the tilt of a head can speak volume, offering insight into human inner world.


Sara Pathirane & Laura Pietiläinen


Sara Pathirane and a choreographer & dancer Laura Pietiläinen (Laura – The Light of All) working together and making new wave dance videos, videoinstallations and performances.

They work to develop dance video art as an art form into a performance-like, multi-level space that is physically breathable and energetically impressive.
Creating a new language for the dance video field that stems from strong intuitive knowledge that has evolved from both artists own years – long artistic process, at which point we now encounter with common inspiration.

They create dance video works in which we dive into bodily and pictorial parallel worlds. They sense a great variety of energies in nature and the invisible worlds, and they feel that can bring healing and high-vibration energies into the world through videos, video installations and live performances.

In Choreography for Video, Leda&friends, two bird-likes have landed on the lands of the poet Sapfo, on the island of Lesvos. Leda&friends, a work about friendship, shows a world where bird-like people cherish dreams, dance together with nature, love and preserve life, and hatch Leda’s hyacinth-colored egg.

The soundscape created by Sapfo’s poems transports to timelessness and space, and poems written to be sung aloud carry in whispers to this day.

Choreography, dance, costumes, assisting camera & script: Laura The Light of All
Camera, postproduction, dance & script: Sara Pathirane
Original music & sound design: Sirja Puurtinen


Sayan Deb


Sayan Deb Being born in Kolkata, he gets involved around the scent of the city which constantly keeps on inspiring him to express the through painting, but in a different way. Every place has passed through its own historical significance and Kolkata is one of the places of grandeur to be mentioned.
He had a keen interest in visual art from a very early age. So after completing B.Com (Hons.), He decided to practice in visual arts and exploring since. He has done specialization in painting through diploma for 4 years from the Indian Society of Oriental Art, one of the oldest institutions in the country founded by Sri. Abanindranath Tagore.
He mainly works with dry pastel and charcoal but recently enjoying experimenting with different types of mediums in search of his peace of mind.


Shivangi Srivastava


Shivangi Srivastava is a professional 3d animator. Recently started to paint as exploration than expression .
She keep experimenting with all the available mediums and have been falling in love with acrylic the most.
Abstract expressionism is very intriguing for her as it allows the freedom of playing intuitively and expressing beyond boundaries. Every color and stroke is a subconscious choice without knowing what she is going to do next. Its empowering and thrilling and equally challenging.

She says, “As someone struggling with mental illness, my artworks are mostly my effort at escapism and an attempt to express my inner turmoil.
to make art that makes no sense and yet connect with the soul.”


Sudipta Sikdar


BFA passed in 2019 indian collage of arts & draftmanship and MFA passed in 2022 goverment collage of art and craft.
The image of today’s society is described through my works.
Where lower class people are always being oppressed by upper class
people and people are being misinformed through political activities.
These political leaders and political party members are not bringing the
ugly, black, oppressed events to the social people but continue to exploit
them back and forth. And after these exploited people have received
these various injuries on their bodies, there is a time when they think
death is meant to be embraced.
He says,”This is a part of my vintage series. In which I have shown some objects
seen in my childhood, which are intimately connected with my life. And
since childhood I have seen this object constantly moving in a corner of
the room that today lies in a state of relaxation. I have tried to show
people a physical view of it.”


Sumay banik


Sumay Banik His works mainly extracted part from the ritualistic practice as well as children’s stories, mythologies, and daily life. Throughout this process, he portrayed different day-to-day phenomena in a naturalistic, fantastic, and metaphorical way. In his artworks, the figurative forms played a dominant role To complete the narrative frameworks. He convert figures into doll-like appearances, believing that a doll can carry multifaceted identities, with personal interpretation. He design characters, events, and compositions from his nostalgia and try to appropriate them within mundane scenarios.

He choses clay as a primary medium in artistic creation, fascinated by the traditional earthen dolls and toys of Bengal he mainly consider them as a part of creativity.
He believe that an artistic work does not always need to be so serious and linked with definite denotation and connotations, rather working with humorous approach which can interact with the viewers.


Suprita sardar


Being an artist and a nature lover, nature is reflected in all my artworks.Which is mixed with childhood memories and growing up experience.My artworks always express my intimate relationship with nature.


Sushmita Sen


Sushmita Sen from Kolkata, India. Have completed her graduation in painting from Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya in 2023.
While studying in college, she started working with different mediums like; water color, acrylic, pen and ink, color marking pencil etc.
The main thought behind her painting is the speech of people, the madness of using words to each other, with the intention to poke and provoke someone mentally. The hurtful emotion of the experience of extracting meaning from a word has enriched her art practice. Cactus into the painting is being an expression of people’s words.


Transeuntis Mundi


The Transeuntis Mundi Project (AKA Duo Borges&Velez ) proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, cultural expressions and places to artistically tell the story of the millennial passersby that have been crossing the world. It evokes the power of ancestry, identity, and legacy. It portrays the diversity of migrants in 4 continents and generates a poetical/documental archive of human cultural heritage.

Transeuntis Mundi (TM) is a journey about how mobility through space and time has created geographies and the actual transcultural humanity. It investigates how it can be approached through artistic research and creative practices in transmedial arts using emerging technologies for XR to generate an archive of human legacy. TM installations are based on the ‘transmedial’ concept, exploring languages of realism across cinema, acoustic ecology and poetic narrative ​​to promote an unprecedented experience for its audience.

The expression Transeuntis Mundi comes from Latin, the lingua franca of the expansion of Western Culture. It personifies the human being who has been taking the adventure to discover and explore the world.

Its methodology employs Walk Scapes recordings with immersive 360° technology. From this archive, it starts a process of transmittal composition: creation of virtual reality works, videos, photographs, sound art, musical compositions and performance, with the aim to immerse the observer/participant into an experience beyond their space and time. In short, it is a combination of knowledge, innovation and poetics, supported by the processes of artistic research and mediated by transmedial technology.


Trina Chatterji


TRINA CHATTERJI An alumni of Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan and specializing in Printmaking. Her landscapes or mindscapes are imagined and remembered spaces which come together in a frame. There is no time of day nor any specific source of light. These paintings are a reflection of time spent in various geographical locations where certain elements repeat themselves in her work. There are certain symbols like the car which indicates movement and the journey of life and butterflies and moths which show the transient nature of life. Her artworks are intensely personal and are intertwined with her experiences, family and surroundings.


Tushita Singh


Tushita’s work involves with the treatment of artisans in this sector is something she feels strongly about. Many hand embroidery artists, particularly the ones employed in Indian exports, were badly affected during the pandemic and suffered job losses. The idea is to not only design new embroidery artworks but through this, meaningfully preserve the art of hand embroidery and encourage other hand embroidery artists to creatively experiment with their skills.
She enjoys observing the patterns of land and water bodies and they emerge as a strong source of design inspiration for her embroidery artworks. A bird’s-eye view of various terrains is something that captures her imagination. It is an immersive experience to design and play around with a wide variety forms, colours and textures and materials. Her colour palette is largely natural and earthen tones with a few surprise hints of colours spread around the artworks.


Vasandan Virappan

VASANDAN VIRAPPAN Panchaputra is the driving force behind this landscape, this painting contains Water, Land, Air, Sky and fire . These five elements are main source of power in human beings which helps being in harmony with nature and sitting in Padmasana Yoga in way to make the lotus flower bloom in our soul while sitting in the position we can feel the power of nature which he has imagined in his mind.


Vijit Sinha


Vijit Sinha is currently pursuing bachelor’s in visual arts (painting) from Govt. college of art and craft, Agartala.
His work revolves around drawing what he sees around and mostly being conscious about the visuals and exploring the possibilities of the mediums being used.
He says,”When I’m not working I love to smoke up and chill, alongside listening to music and hoping for a 3rd wave of punk rock or kurt cobain’s resurrection.”


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    I congratulate each artist for displaying their creativity with different mediums.
    I specially mention painting by Nidhi Rindani Kashyap whose ‘Mind-Eater’ is a whipping satire on the annoying people around us like ‘Ant-Eaters’ who chew you up and drain your energy to the core. And seeing this in black light, it opens up another illuminated dimension. Congratulations. Keep it up. Khudos to Motile art too.

  5. Jagdeep Rindani

    By visiting the online gallary, I would candidly state that various artists from all over the globe have scaled new horizons of creativity through various mediums. I congratulate all.
    I specially mention the painting of Nidhi Rindani Kashyap, exploring with new medium Neon as her tool. ‘Mind-Eater’ is whipping a satire on the people around us, comparing them with ‘Ant-Eaters’, who with their behavior or conversation chew you up and drain your energy to the core. And the result of the use of neon colour unfolds the two dimensional effect, taking the painting to a newer height.
    Congratulations to her and all… And ofcourse to Motileart for providing online platform.

  6. Arup Naskar

    Congratulations all the Artist..
    Wish you best of luck for your future..💐💐💐

  7. Abhijit Paul

    All works are very commendable. Thank you team MOTILE ART 🎨❤️

  8. Adwitiya Sarkar

    Great assembly with excellence art works.. Congratulations to all the artists…and also Team Motile.. ❤

    1. Nirban dey

      Wonderful…. wonderful works all of you artists….., 💖

  9. Samba Prasad Biswas



      Congratulations to all artists for a varied and interesting show! Thanks to Motile gallery for this wonderful opportunity!!

  10. Sayan Deb

    All the works are excellent and highly admirable… I am so humbled that my work got placed with theme some amazing works of the artist

  11. Agomoni Sen

    Great visual experience on viewing the exhibition.
    Thanks and regards to Team Motile🌻for your efforts.

  12. Sushmita Sen

    All works are really nice ❤️🌼

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