As said by the great Pablo Picasso ” Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”, we, a troupe of some known and unknown faces with a willing of knowing gathered together to venture into the beauty of Purulia and take home with us some magnificent views in the form of ‘Art Camp’
                      This family of us was represented by Adwitiya Sarkar, Rishina Bhakta, Suchandra Kundu, Yendrila Majumder, Anushree Kayal, Arup Naskar, Suresh Kr. Singha,  Anup Pradhan, Nilutpal Chakraborty, Tanay Saha, Arpan Sadhukhan, Swapna Halder, Shayani Das, Tithi gain, Soumen Roy, Chayan Das Thakur, Susanta Mistry and Sourav Nandi. Our Mask making workshop and journey of visual treat were for 3 days, during this period we not only tried our brushes but also gathered knowledge. The first few days went reminiscing the beauty of Purulia, and the surrounding exceptional visuals of nature and it’s doing. Then on the next days, we visited a small village named  Charida, known for its “Mask Village” made in some of its households. There we gathered the knowledge of the process of creating Chhau Mask masterpieces from the artisans.
                             This whole time we bewildered our brushes, splashed colour palettes and created different views on our papers and made this workshop a memory always to be cherished. We, with the idea of spreading happiness and also the visual retreats are coming up with this Online Art Exhibition “CHHAU, Virtual Exhibit”. This exhibition  will represent works from all the members of this Art Camp. Thank you.


Adwitiya Sarkar  ||  Rishina Bhakta  ||  Suchandra Kundu   ||   Yendrila Majumder   ||   Anushree Kayal   ||   Arup Naskar   ||   Suresh Kr. Singha  ||   Anup Pradhan   ||   Nilutpal Chakraborty   ||    Tanay Saha   ||    Arpan Sadhukhan   ||   Swapna Halder   ||   Shayani Das    ||   Tithi gain   ||   Soumen Roy   ||   Susanta Mistry   ||   Sourav Nandi   ||   Chayan Das Thakur
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You can purchase paintings of your choice from here. It will help those artists to continue their practice during this covid-19 period. Interested art lovers and collectors please contact us.
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