Hyejeong's work carries a deeply spiritual sensation, embodying the myriad feelings she experiences throughout her life. These emotions, emerging from her unconscious, are vividly expressed through her images and desires. Her art serves not only as a method of self-management but also as a journey toward discovering her true self. This process involves breaking free from the distracting thoughts and fixed ideas imposed by societal influences, allowing her to temporarily express suppressed emotions. The drawings, images, and characters in her work are reflections of her emotional landscape. These emotions can be intensely private or autobiographical, approaching an inner language in a metaphorical manner. Her art is a mode of communication with the world, offering glimpses into her private life. Hyejeong expresses herself through depictions of people, animals, and other images, conveying thoughts that reside deep within her consciousness. The emotions she portrays, ranging from fear and depression to happiness and sadness, are responses to her surrounding society.

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