His work reflects self-identity and tries to show how the economy has changed along with the cultural revolution, the needs of folk traditions and various elements in today's context and how the geographical region is emerging. So along with expressing different types of media, his relationship with the medium and its uses and historical metaphors have highlighted the need for his past scene in a new context. In his practice, he is trying to engage with different medium according to the demand of his work; which includes painting, paper, cloth, digital photos and video. He saw the art work and the process of making the representation as an entity of self-reflexivity. In this chapter he is focused on representation that of the physical world that people see everyday which imagery, iconic and socially constructed representation. His work processes and resources have been contextualized from Art Historical texts, Regional films (Assamese), posters, songs, digital photo archives. So at a juncture this process comes off from the past and present experiences as meaning of socio -culture and context of cultural re-contextualization. This series of his paintings which are from iconic images depicted the concept of tradition, Identity, Nationalism and visual content of the past. Therefore, this chapter or series is itself self-reflexive and re-contextualization of past narrative which was significant as representation of modern narrative as new cultural construction of identity and expression. Hopefully, this way of representation is and will be ongoing process of recollection in further.

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  1. Hemasri Bordoloi

    Incredible works. Best wishes to the artist.


    Quite impressive works. I enjoyed the understanding of material and materiality, selection of subjects apparently picked up from the everyday ordinary-ness, and also the designed space. This dialogue must go on. Best wishes to the artist.

    1. Jyotirmoy Bhuyan

      Thank you so much Samudrada

  3. Dr. Himadri Saikia

    Magnificent work flaunting hardwork.

  4. Kabita Bujar Baruah

    Incredible work ! The ammount of hard work you have put into this is evident . Looking forward to more of your brilliance in the field of art and wishing you all the best for future endeavours

  5. Barnali Das

    Very impressive art work.

    1. Jyotirmoy Bhuyan

      Thank you so much

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