Sumay Banik, as an artist, often finds that figurative forms create strong feelings in him. Since the day Sumay came out as queer, he has frequently experienced existential issues. Sumay began negotiating with the mundane world and imagining himself in a neighbouring setting. His creative pursuits are especially motivated by the unique characteristics of human relationships. Sumay's latest work has been produced in the traditional art installation approach. There, he would like to create a personal archive containing the story of his life. Throughout his artistic work, Sumay investigates the storytelling process by assembling and rearranging figurative motifs from many sources. For him, creating art is like a child playing with his favourite toys. He has occasionally taken inspiration from his archival collections to create characters and compositions for artistic means. When Sumay was younger, he loved playing with dolls with his sister. There, he felt free, happy, and creative. Today, Sumay learned that utilizing a doll is still an effective way for him to communicate his thoughts, feelings, and story. To illustrate one's varied functions in various contexts, spaces, and circumstances, Sumay frequently employs recurring figurative motifs. His figurative forms, which resemble dolls, serve as a metaphor for actual living beings. Sumay is also interested in Bengali tribal and traditional art. This is also evident in how he approaches creativity. Along with using ceramics, Sumay frequently experiments with other materials to suit the setting and idea of his artwork. For the sake of his artistic expression, he collects things or dolls and incorporates them into his works of art. Through his work of art, Sumay introduces a type of intimate dialogue that is open to several interpretations.

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