I completed my Master’s from Kala Bhavana Santiniketan specializing in Printmaking. Later as I was stationed in the beautiful surroundings of Nainital in Uttarakhand where I gradually became a landscape artist drawing inspiration from the sylvan surroundings especially of the majestic mountains My medium was primarily pen and ink on paper-Monochromes. Continuing with my artistic practice I worked in watercolors, acrylics on canvas , colored ball point pens, clay and more recently in papier mache and mixed media. My themes underwent a transformation as I progressed along my artistic journey and my work seemed to grow organically reflecting memories of my family, of geographical locations and symbols associated with the latter. My artwork is intensely personal and in recent times shows elements from different places I have been to, my memories ,my immediate surroundings inclusive of vegetation; daily life and my pet. All the disparate elements come together in ‘my world’ where realistic proportions are discarded as well as specific locations or the time of day. The placing of cars/boats in my work symbolizes movement-the transient nature of life itself. The same idea is expressed by the naive shapes of moths/butterflies in some of my artworks. The human figures are indicative of the ever -watchful presence of my parents or my family members while the animal/reptiles/birds are associated with the present day and surroundings of rural Bengal where I live from time to time. My pet ‘Buddy’ appears in many compositions as a protector or more as a motif of comfort and joy. Tall buildings in the distance are indicative of a city though not a specific one. All the disparate elements come together in my ‘world’ where realistic proportions are discarded as well as specific locations or the time of day. The textures on the surfaces are indicative of my emotions and feelings which are always in a state of flux and this is further translated by the colour palette which is at times muted and is sometimes a riot of colours. The need for self-expression has found its voice in the rugged papier mache surface and in emotive colours creating artworks which reminisce and recall precious memories and are reflective of daydreams and ruminations. -Trina Chatterji

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  1. Sonia Nangia Chaudhuri

    I love the story that your work depicts, the minute details are so well thought off and interesting!
    Truly impressive Mrs Chatterjee.

  2. Zarina Chowfin

    Always enjoy your work, Trina. Never tire of looking at them. I can see your heart in them❤️

    1. Trina Chatterji

      Thanks so much for your support!!

  3. Kaberi Bhattacharya

    Wonderful art, such variety!

    1. Trina Chatterji

      Thanks so much Kaberi!!

  4. Ravi

    Trina, this is great work. Loved it.

  5. Siddhartha Chattopadhyay


  6. Chandrima Bhattacharyya

    Nice world! I see Buddy in almost every work here, and it reflects your love for him! 😊

  7. Rupsha Roy

    Lovely work

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